Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alison Gill

Predatory Benevolence


Protective Imprisonment
Clam Nest Trap Shield Coffin Sanctuary

Every known and unforeseen species and brand of ominous bugbear and saviour waits dormant and poised, always sensed and felt, however ignored; gradually, emergent presence becomes too made aware of and unmissable for “avoidance & denial policy” to still be options anymore.  Although, agreement upon or opposition against approval or rejection either way defies unanimity or being fixed.  

To exhume an earlier promise and threat:

“Determined, brutalist, serviceable and wholesome, yet careful and intimate labours engender hybrids, comprising: normality and the extraordinary; nature and artifice; the recognised and the unknown; harmlessness and uncertainty; sturdiness and vulnerability. 

Issues addressed number: universal hopes, fears and needs; paranormal and supernatural phenomena; alternative and primitive medicines; marginal and accepted (but controversial) scientific research and products. 

Then also, the mixed and conflicting opinions about potential consequences to such things — and whether they can solve problems, prove beneficial or actually pose risks and cause danger.” *

* Exactly the very same author and artist as these ones here.  Originated for and appearing in: Fresh-Air Machine, group exhibition catalogue, Calvert 22 / Outset, London, 2008

Each case-study specimen and exponent bred and grown, fully shows off (with both pride and shame) every mortal-wound and birthmark forensic-evidence clue scored.  Exposure and display serves up on offer their original material substance (bandage dressing, fresh injury and bullet-proofed armour-plating elements all float loose, drift free and give birth to one another), as well as manufacture and development inflicted (surgical operation work begun and left incomplete provide foundations built on and guidelines followed throughout), alongside subsequently ensuing conditions and physicality (cosmetic, ornamental, grandiose and decorative symptoms, finery, deformities and patina open-sores and floral blossom). 

Cryptic secret-messages and formulæ burn onwards, encoded, hidden; until if or when deciphering is ever possible.  Much stays under-guard, held onto, well-kept and not let go of, without questions answered or knowledge passed on.  Mystery and power resists partial dilution and complete loss.  Instead, there’s gain, harbouring and generation of even more invincible enigma and force.

Exchanges suggest, script, direct and enact themselves, whereby spare-part and accessory fixtures and components switch around, change place and rearrange, constantly in ongoing and irresolvable turnover, shuffling, substitution and upgrade.  Conclusions, not even got remotely anywhere near, let alone arrived at. 

Whatever good or bad outcomes may or might not happen, endless turmoil provoked could generate more than enough perpetual-motion energy and self-renewable fuel to feed, drive and run everywhere, thing and body, non-stop, forever.   

©, Copyright, Douglas Park, 2009

On the occasion of Alison Gill, Brink, solo show, Sabine Wachters Fine Art, Brussels, 2009  

Extract from Fresh-Air Machine, group exhibition catalogue*, 
Calvert 22 / Outset, London, 2008

Introducing preface / forword/ 18 untitled "definitions" of contributor's practices, 
'fresh-air-machine', 2008

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