Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Mimi Norrgren: In ‘Bird’, a documented 2-hour long body-art action (or “zerreisprobe” / endurance-test), Mimi Norrgren is shown with a blank canvas as interface protection between herself — and a real-live rhea (member of the ostrich family), whose advances she fends off from herself, while still feeling the full brunt of the advances. ‘Bird’, provokes pondering human concerns of constant vulnerability and desperate need for survival — but also the craving and desire for experience, risk-taking and even danger. Even in this day and age, gender-politics enter the equation, given the author (and heroine or star) is female and young. Furthermore, only a single still photograph of just 1 scene from ‘Bird’ is in ‘Unfeasibility Study’; no moving image footage, audio or relics. However, being in black and white as well as fact theres limited material to “go on” serve as reminders that much earlier post and cold war era performance and other work is only “known” from vintage records or even 2nd-hand “reality”. Additionally, the past / present / future status of live-art is called into question, with cases argued for-and-against.

©, Copyright, Douglas Park, 2010

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