Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dionysian Duty

'Dionysian Duty', group exhibition
co-curated by Douglas park &  Raul Pina Perez
Mezkalito Gallery, London

De-Hab / Re-Tox

Each facet to Dionysian Duty’, from even before idea and planning stages, whilst choosing artists and works, throughout following up and constant unfolding, then after eventual outcome and beyond overall experience has taken into account that age-old mutual interdependent cross-f
uelling which relays between creative and artistic practice and lifestyle and what’s known as excess and hedonism. 

Yet also considered all along are purpose-serving mechanisms, agencies, rules and procedures which monitor, control and use such phenomena towards attaining whatever ends; inevitable reality, whereby just about everything operates within and under ongoing conditions and circumstances, ultimately on behalf of vested-interests.

However, despite this guaranteed status-quo, there’s still much potential scope allowing for possible influence and change, maybe actually making at least some difference and even improvement, whether by stealth, only partially, more directly or far greater.
Recital, using loudspeaker, with George Barker on trumpet, as part of Bob 
& Roberta Smith's Apathy Band, at 'Dionysian Duty'
Douglas Park with Bob & Roberta Smith, also Mark McGowan playing keyboards reclining.
©, Copyright, Ilona Sagar and Lola Ruth Wilson, 2007
images ©, Copyright, Bob Aitchison

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