Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Never Quite the Dissimilar Ever Again Anymore Afterwards

By themselves, aided-and-abetted, against-own-will and on-accident, pyramid ziggurat volcanic mountain range gets uprooted, taken right away from deep and secure foundations. Sudden inversion turns them upside-down, stood on their heads, top-heavy, but maintaining balancing-act well enough. So as to avoid falling over, every one-time-perfectly-still-megalith-since-gone-spinning-top begins rotation, soon orbital dancing persists.

Alien conditions bring pressures, needing adaptation and survival: features evolve slightly opposite of how they originally were beforehand; behaviour and habits function less than identically to any attribute or expectation taken-for-granted earlier.

Unavoidably noticed distinct new changes affect furthest ends: former-ultimate-peaks-become-lowest-points shift far off-centre; each now-highest-upper-wideness-that-once-was-the-downstairs-base grows unevenly asymmetrical and lop-sided; exact position and area such defective irregularities occupy keeps moving around, not fixed at specific places.

Meanwhile, throughout the incidental main-body, lying somewhere-or-other, in-between both distant extremes: outward appearance and external form prove unable to stay the same for long; the very substance constantly wears out –yet also self-renews, built up to improved standard, loss replacement earns interest, damage made good –and gotten better; weight and friction dig and consume so much out of the ground below them, until only vast empty hollowed-out craters are left behind to show for what had been there.

Another difference brought about is discontentment with mere running-on-the-spot action, whereby these restless masses stray and branch out; starting with random wandering, then moving on to plan and commit focused travels.

©, Copyright, Douglas Park

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