Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Badge Project

Badge, ‘INLAND  OCEAN   acorn  i s l a n d’, The Badge Project, group edition, 
edited by Nico Dockx, Teleport Fargfabriken, Ostersund, 2008; 
part of We Did Everything Wrong, curated by Carl Michæl von Hausswolff & Jan Aman, 
Teleport Fargfabriken, Ostersund, 2008  

we did everything wrong, group exhibition 
curated by Jan Aman & Carl Michael von Hausswolff, 
5200 badges (inviting 25 artist -friends to design a badge), 
curated by Nico Dockx, 
Fargfabriken Norr, Ostersund

Constellation sequence concrete pœm (a la Brazilian "Noigandres" group, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Lawrence Weiner etc) originally planned then realised as a maquette in the early 1990's (but as with much visual art work made then and later, unexposed at time or since). 
Reused (identical words typographic font, arrangement, colour-scheme etc) for Nico Dockx's 'The Badge Project' (portfolio or ALPHABET of "tender buttons", from 26 invitees), as part of 'We Did Everything Wrong', curated byCarl Michael von Hausswolff and Jan Aman, Teleport Färgfabriken, Ostersund, 2008

Full-set image, ©, Copyright, Rirkrit Tiravanija, 2008

Same phrase became generative leitmotif throughout ‘Micro-Colonial-Drift / Growth-Area (via the Scenic-Route)’, 'The Bastard / Magnetic Speech', anthology, edited by Dr Clémentine DelissMetronome, London, 2001. 
Serialised (alongside other works) in spoken-word audio form over sides B.) ‘Karatæoke’ and C.) ‘Obombrer’, 'The Bastard Remixes', double vinyl L.P compilation album, produced by Nico Dockx and Samon Takahashi, Curious / Conspiracy Records, Antwerp, 2004 

Entire text recited and recorded (without alteration or accompaniment) as track 4 on side 2 of 'New Opportunities for Focused Listening', audio-cassette compilation album, curated, edited and produced by Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle, Le Lieu unique, Nantes, 2005 

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