Tuesday, March 12, 2013


ISONERV, group exhibition, curated by Michael Croft & Jonathan Hatt, London, 2003
Michael Croft and Jonathan Hatt 2003, working as Revision Incorporated Space Management Limited Demolition of a tower block in 2003. 
This block had some pretty nasty social problems, mostly drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes. 
at King's Cresecent Estaste, North Hackney, London
Isonerv Super 8 Movie

ISONERV Press Release


Douglas Park cutout motif, Isonerv, London, ©, Copyright, Michael Croft and Jonathan Hatt, 2003
The non-presence of Douglas at Isonerv was to become an artwork. Accompanied by a looped cassette recording of a voice message from Douglas in Amsterdam explaining his absence.

Invitation, ISONERV

all texts and images from Michael Croft Facebook page
©, Copyright, Michael Croft and Jonathan Hatt, 2003

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