Saturday, April 6, 2013

Emblem Deconstructed & Destroyed : A homage to John Latham

Trinity ∴ Arts Communications

Image Credit: Christina Mitrentse
October 2011

Emblem - Deconstructed And Destroyed: A Homage To John Latham, a new public art installation by the established, multidisciplinary artist Christina Mitrentse will be the first in an ongoing programme of site-specific billboard pieces commissioned for the site which will be viewable 24/7.

The work forms part of Mitrentse’s acclaimed ongoing project Add To My Library. In response to John Latham’s book-relief sculpture which penetrates the main window fronting Flat Time House in Peckham, Mitrentse’s work takes the form of a large-scale screen printed ‘Book Flag’, addressing the Trinity ∴ building’s edifice, paying devoted tribute to this highly important post-war artist.

“Latham considered his house a ‘living sculpture’ and used a theoretical language in which ‘Flat Time’ describes the way time and all possible events can be represented by the length and width of a flat canvas”

In addition to this the interior gallery space will host a participatory floor-based installation in which Mitrentse will collaborate with local book-sellers to create an ephemeral Meta-Library where the audience is welcome to reconstruct and purchase a variety of books and rare art publications that compose the work and continual ‘Bibliographic Data Flow’.

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