Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shower Curtain

We heard this load crash from the bathroom and there he was.
Entangled with my shower curtain. 
Why Douglas stepped into the bath in the first place we will never know. 
Douglas I have more photos. It was at one of my parties in Hackney 2008.

Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic

Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic is an artist.
Born in Stockholm in Sweden, Löwendahl-Atomic studied in England at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, graduating in 1995. She is best known for A Selection of Interesting Secrets from Various Stages in my Life a conceptual artwork which requires the use of the law in the form of an non-disclosure agreement as an intrinsic element of the piece. Löwendahl-Atomic sells her secrets one by one, the buyer having to sign a non-disclosure agreement to the effect that he or she can never reveal the secret to anyone. The work was exhibited at the Uppsala Art Museum in Sweden in 2000.[1] 
Anna Livia has also exhibited with Decima gallery.
In 2003 a dispute over an alleged relationship between Löwendahl-Atomic's earlier work and a later work by another conceptual artist, Carey Young, shortlisted for the Beck's Futures prize arose. Young's contribution to the show was entitled Non-Disclosure Agreement. The exhibition sponsor had to sign a non-disclosure agreement promising not to tell about an art work by her which only he has seen. Young denied copying Löwendahl-Atomic's work.[2]
Lowendahl-Atomic also uses the name Ana Dinextra for her work as a vocalist and lyricist. In 2007 she founded the Art rock band Where Everything Falls Out” together with the Swedish composer Kenneth Cosimo. They have since started a collaboration with Graham Lewis, bassist and vocalist in the legendary art combo Wire (band)

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