Sunday, May 26, 2013


24 May 2013 18.00h - 22.00h
This one's for artists who also curate and write and run websites and organise events and sometimes perform aside from figuring out where their money is coming from, oh yeah and they probably make music as well

The crossover of roles in art production and other creative adventures carried out by the same persona raises questions about multiple roles in current artist's practice. What is the motivation for carrying out multiple roles at once? Is there something to be gained from this 'rhizomic' production that moves in several directions at the same time? What classifies these modes of production within the lines of contemporary art, particularly in performance?

This informal salon starts with invited guests presenting their work crossing over between solid and fluid, object-focussed and temporal-live practices. Then, our compere Hannah Newell will respond to the presentations and invite questions from the public. A discussion is the main aim of the meeting. This event closes the show 'By now each of us is several' by Bruno Glint and Keef Winter and is the last chance to see it.

Benjamin Sebastian 
artist, curator, co-director of Performance Space

Iavor Lubomirov
artist, curator, director of Lubomirov-Easton Gallery

Douglas Park 
artist, writer, curator

Keef Winter 
artist, curator, co-director of Bruno Glint, director of Allotrope Press
artist, curator, gallerist, performer?
Chaired by Hannah Newell
writer, artist, features editor at ArtSelector
A screening of a video work by Matt Calderwood and a BBQ/bar on the terrace will also accompany this informal salon.

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