Friday, June 7, 2013

Ilmin Museum of Art

Ilmin Museum of Art The Ilmin Museum of Art has been a center of contemporary visual art and culture since 1996. It has been a major force in developing the discussion of visual culture and the humanities in Seoul, offering exhibitions, lectures, documentary film archives, screenings, and publications on the diverse modern and contemporary visual art. The museum is located in Gwanghwamun, where contemporary urban skylines live together with old palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. Not only is the museum located at a geographical intersection of past and present in the heart of Seoul, its building is symbolic of the modern history of the Gwanghwamun area, constructed in 1926 and the museum building was designated as one of Seoul's ten cultural assets of modern architecture in 2010 for its historical significance. In 2012 the Dong-A Ilbo's newspaper museum, Pressium, moved and re-opened on the fifth and sixth floors of the museum, creating a new, expanded art museum complex. Through curating and organizing a variety of exhibitions that embrace contemporary visual art with local and international interests, the Ilmin Museum of Art seeks to create a dynamic space to lead contemporary discourse and aesthetics.

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3rd Floor

4th floor

June 2013

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