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Liesedited by Emma Dwan O’Reilly & Keith Winter, Allotrope / University of Ulster, 2011 

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‘Liquid Map’, contribution “xvi” (uppermost left-hand side / corner),
'Allotrope', Issue 01 'Lies', periodical, 
edited by Emma Dwan O’Reilly and Keith Winter, University of Ulster, 2011

Liquid Map

Interrogatory angle-poise lamp solar-system set task to capture treasure-trove and best-kept secrets by lock-picking and combination-code entry of overnight-safety deposit-box. Naked light source and mortis keyholes defiantly challenge their adversary opponent to duel-to-the-death staring-out contest. Because neither side can or will ever win, lose, accept defeat or claim victory, they competitively trade flashing up picture-story movies and play less-than-friendly card-games; laying as many false-leads and decoys, as giving away useful, but difficult clues.

Findings coming out from all of this might, or certainly would read as follows:

Prospective candidates queue up, according to order of status — and basis of first come, first served, waiting around for their turn in auditions for inspection and i.d-parades.

This mountain-range gets strung out onto crankshaft spindle dynamos, never stood upright and straight, but lying flat backwards, changing from one side to the other, when not leaning at angles or hanging inverted, always restlessly twisting, rarely ever fixed.

Entire surface-area is well served by lunar terrain highway network. All around, nothing but molehill bumps to stumble upon and trip over, next to pothole craters to fall into and get caught by. Both these elements endlessly change place with and become their neighbor, refusing to sit still or stay the same way for very long.

Coming to any crossroads triggers off erupting landslides and unleashes serpentine formed rivers that meander freely, undulating, in active movement, all along, from before moving starting point until after shifting terminus; also flowing forth vertically upwards, diagonally upside-down and suspended overhead, without spilling a drop. Such waves prove navigable by all known vessels.

Wherever is arrived at and settled in has cavern forests, the cracks in which are wallpapered over by self-adhesive drapery membranes, more than meeting urgent soundproofing, draught-exclusion and energy-saver needs. Appliqued cover, bonding medium and host support lose differences and gain similarities in common; central-nervous-systems evolve and unify, eventually no longer separate anymore. Instead, functioning together as one, whole, living, breathing and hyperactive mass.

©, Copyright, Douglas Park

Allotropes by definition are different structural combinations of the same element. Allotrope Press is an independent publishing organ that aims to make a printed and online space out of critical, political and artistic debate. Chinese whispers are often our most useful strategy in advancing ideas between subjects and printed objects. We are interested in various guises of truth. Allotrope Press functions outside of any funding body. Given this autonomy the limits are at once very limitless and very limited. We aim to see what is possible by inviting printed collaborations with others as well as producing our own editions.


Issue 01

' L I E S '

Edited by Emma Dwan O'Reilly & Keef Winter

Edition of 300

Ian Bamford
Stephen Connolly
Amanda Coogan
Julia Arroja da Silva
Colm Desmond
Daniel Jewesbury
Stephanie Jones
Simon Keogh
Jason Lee Lovell
Marcelo Lima
Cathal McElroy
Deirdre McKenna
Steve Mykietyn
Oonagh O'Brien
Geraldine O'Kane
Douglas Park
Chris Piegza
Liv Schulman
Peter Spiers
Rosie Wanek
Keef Winter

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