Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Bastard Remix

Cure007 - The Bastard 2x12"

Remixes of material found on the 'Magnetic Speech' cd, that was issued with Metronome #7. 
not strictly BT only, but the double album is interesting enough to be offered here as a whole.

tracks by Aaron Turner, Samon Takahashi, Stefan Beck, Douglas Park, Building Transmissions and its individual members.

2002 (fall:): (The Bastard Remix -- event), live sound performances, Building Transmissions, in collaboration with Stefan Beck, Douglas Park, Samon Takahashi & Dave Vanderplas, + audio-conference and lecture by Clémentine Deliss on the original ‘The Bastard’/ Metronome7, in collaboration with Nico Dockx & Catherine David, De Branderij, Antwerpen Belgium, organized by Hal Antwerpen in collaboration with Nico Dockx.

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