Thursday, August 1, 2013

Greatest hits of Douglas Park

Serialized intervention, ‘Advance scripted progress-report findings
(in edgeways) grand-total score results (pending awaited outcome)’,
(“Writing the part of: Detective Inspector Harris”), in Victim,
collective bookwork, edited by Claire Hooper, Zazie Press, London,

Text & spoken-word, ‘Human Shield’, on 'Hospital / Radio', Richard
Crow audiowork, track 10, SOUNDWORKS: For Those Who Have Ears, c.d
compilation album and book, produced by Julie Forrester, Niamh Lawlor,
Danny McCarthy & Harry Moore, Art Trail, Cork, 2005

Texts & spoken-word track, ‘Nurseryworld’, on nurseryworld /
swanmachinery, c.d single, with Kris Delacourt & Nico Dockx, Galerie
Jennifer Flay, Paris, 2003; Claire Fontaine pages,
Komplot, Brussels, 2008

‘Micro-Colonial-Drift / Growth-Area (via the Scenic-Route)’, in The
Bastard / Magnetic Speech, anthology, edited by Dr Clementine Deliss,
Metronome, London, 2001; text & spoken-word, side 2 track
4,‘Micro-Colonial-Drift / Growth-Area (via the Scenic-Route)’, on New
Opportunities for Focused Listening, audio-cassette compilation album,
curated, edited & produced by Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle, Lieu
Unique, Nantes, 2005; ‘Micro-Colonial-Drift / Growth-Area (via the
Scenic-Route)’, (“A fractal topographic field report from Acorn
Island”),, promotional website,
Nantes, 2005; badge, ‘INLAND  OCEAN   acorn  i s l a n d’, The Badge
Project, group edition, edited by Nico Dockx, Teleport Fargfabriken,
Ostersund; 2008

‘Delphic-Oracle Self-Service Chat-Line Call-Centre’, Lists, anthology,
edited by Emma Dwan O’Reilly & Keith Winter, Allotrope / University of
Ulster, 2011

‘Misagreement’ (English / Flemish, translated by Dany Abeel & Super
Pepe), in Gagarin volume 8 number 1 (number 15), edited by Wilfried
Huet, Antwerp, 2007

Essay, ‘Predatory Benevolence + Protective Imprisonment = Clam Nest
Trap Shield Coffin Sanctuary’, Alison Gill, Brink solo exhibition,
Sabine Wachters Fine Art, Brussels, 2009; Alison Gill pages,, London, 2011; in AIR Traces, anthology,
edited by Alan Quireyns and others, A.I.R, Antwerp, 2013; (also
includes Alison Gill "definition" from preface / 18 untitled
“definitions” of contributor’s practices, Fresh-Air Machine, group
exhibition catalog, Calvert 22 / Outset, London, 2008)

‘Disquiet Tectonica’, contributory input to "collaborative research
project on new audiovisual writing and uncanny architecture", with
Kris Delacourt, Nico Dockx and Michelle Naismith, Disquiet Tectonica,
DVD, Curious, Antwerp, 2002;  in once the search is in progress,
collective publication, Cycle Post-Diplome, ERBAN, Nantes, 2002;  in
'Utopia Station' section, Dreams and Conflicts — The Dictatorship of
the Viewer, 50th Biennale di Venezia catalog, edited by Francesco
Bonami & Maria Luisa Frisa, Marsilio Editori, Venice, 2003

 'Exfluence', A.I.R, Antwerp, 2006 (taken
offline in 2008); in AIR Traces, anthology, edited by Alan Quireyns
and others, A.I.R, Antwerp, 2013

Prose-blurb & artwork, ‘Mudbath Rainbow / Spectrum Debris’, Something 
Dirty, music album, Faust, Bureau-B Records, Hamburg, 2011

Recorded by Tom Fox
Aug. 2013

Image credit: Keef WInter
Issued in Seoul
Oct. 2013

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