Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Waste Moulds - Stephen Morgan

22.08.13 - 05.09.13
Private View Thurs 22.08.13 
(with readings from Douglas Park and Keef Winter)

curated by Bruno Glint

Waste Moulds explores artist Stephen Morgan’s techniques of customising moulds, casting and firing ceramics. Morgan’s process is key, allowing a window of accident to infiltrate his outcomes, as raw materials move through the firing of clay in a kiln or the solidifying of bone-china in a purpose-built mould. These industrial processes incorporate uncertain levels of control to the works produced. Morgan’s studio sits as a site of many attempts to refine the same object, at times coated or buffed, sanded or varnished. This repetition hones his craft producing more advanced models from the same mould. Morgan also allows replication to invade his studio experiments, since the objects he uses to cast are often those of an everyday vernacular; a rope, the bottom of a bucket, a large bolt or a folded piece of card. The finish of the resulting work aims to also embody the energy of the labour involved. His methods vary from large-scale crystacal plaster-casting in custom-sealed cylinders, to ceramic ‘extrusions’ that slump under their own weight. By producing simple forms through complex techniques, Morgan begins to hint at larger modular systems; maquettes of megastructures that assert significant geometrical forms. He aims to produce results that are precious, seductive and unique; works that could be mistaken as functional and at times unassuming, but are nonetheless inherently valuable.

Stephen Morgan (born 1988, London) lives and works in London. He graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Middlesex University in 2010. He works at Other People’s Sculpture where his clients regularly include Rachel Whiteread, Eddie Peake and Eva Rothschild among others. ‘Waste Moulds’ is the first solo show by Morgan since graduating and presents a new body of work seen for the first time. Morgan’s work will represented in a special edition of Allotrope Press launched at the Private View on the 22.08.13, limited to 100 copies (ISSN 2046-2859).

This catalogue includes texts written on Morgan’s work by artist/writer Douglas Park and academic/ceramist Katrina Hiesterman and is curated by Bruno Glint.

Photos by Youwon Kim
Oct. 2013

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