Saturday, September 21, 2013

Douglas' six-parks

Kurt Ryslavy
Sep. 2013

Kurt Ryslavy is conceptual artist, poet and painter descending from Austria. He invented the “bourgeoise travesty” as an artistic expression. In his view this is one possible strategy to liberate art-production from submission to the globalized race for cultural fundings. He realizes non-fictional iuridic documents within different media. His image-findings/ creations combined with writings go beyond taboos of art and society. His preferred media are text, video, installation, performance, sculpture, painting and specific (exhibition-)concepts. 
Kurt Ryslavy collaborated on several occasions with Douglas Park and Kim Kim Gallery is proud to announce the commission of a site specific installation of Kurt Ryslavy developed under the conceptual premise of Douglasism. 
Kurt Ryslavy will create a Douglas´ six-Parks, (a verbal and physical pun, an allusion to six-packs and Douglas Park, both not really agreeable options) in an empty, slightly derelict but clean Factory building in Uljiro. The installation will contain, illuminated fridges, whine bottles in 6er packs, and costum made Austrian whine merchant etiquettes and yet in its shape undefined, truck turpuline. 

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