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Itemized Miasma: dates and descriptions


Glow Boys, film, Mark Aerial Waller, Aerial Films, London


Outside The Foundry, London, 1999, Chris Shaw


The Gallery Has Been Completely Vandalised! (group exhibition,
co-curated with Alfred Camp: Luis Carvajal, Gideon Cube-Sherman, Piers
Jamson & Beata Veszely), Alfred Camp Gallery / 97-99 Projects, London
(Cube-White Seminal Formula paint and Anti-Paint Protective Headgear,
by Gideon Cube-Sherman; photograph by Brendan Lyons)


‘Quarry’, ‘Panoramamorphosis’, ‘Lowerarchy’ & ‘Micro-Colonial-Drift /
Growth-Area (via the Scenic-Route)’, in The Bastard / Magnetic Speech,
anthology, edited by Dr Clementine Deliss, Metronome, London

Cycle Post-Diplome Internationale, research residency, ERBAN (Ecole
Regionale des Beaux Arts de Nantes), Nantes

Untitled entries, in THE STUNT, anthology, edited by Dr Clementine
Deliss, Metronome, London

Public Presentation, Cycle Post-Diplome Internationale, Ecole
Regionale Des Beaux Arts de Nantes, Nantes


“Advisory Service”, The Day of The Queel, curated by Dr Clementine
Deliss, London Institute Chelsea Millbank Site, London

‘Restricted-Access Free-Range Closed-Shop Open-Prison’ &
‘Remote-Control Divine-Appointment Natural-Selection Chosen-Few
Promised-Land Cornucopia’, in THE QUEEL, anthology, edited by Dr
Clementine Deliss, Metronome, London

‘D’Apres le Thematic Aperception Test de Murray (1938)’, photowork,
Olive Martin, Nantes

Blow by Blow, collective exhibition, with April Durham, Olive Martin &
Michelle Naismith, Zoo Galerie, Nantes

Ce Moi-Ci, Cycle Post-Diplome Internationale exhibition, ERBAN, Nantes

Disquiet Tectonica, DVD, with Kris Delacourt, Nico Dockx & Michelle
Naismith, Curious, Antwerp

‘Loop & Pinhole Duct / Punctuation Mark Crumb / Laser-Beam
Sewing-Thread / Mirror-Tile Picture-Window / Brick-Wall Control-Panel
Keyboard / Pharmaceutical Paramedic Plague’ & other untitled
interventions, in un atelier, anthology, edited by Nico Dockx, ERBAN,
Nantes (republished in 86 Occurrences, various editors, Miser & Now,
Keith Talent Gallery, London, 2004)

‘On Metronome, July 2002’, untitled Metronome prospectus, edited by Dr
Clementine Deliss, Metronome, London

Groupe de Recherche Multipoint, research residency, ERBAN (Ecole
Regionale des Beaux Arts de Nantes), Nantes

‘Pied-a-Terre Lumiere’, Rut Blees Luxemburg public artwork,
Pied-a-Terre Lumiere, Place de Laurieres, Bellevue, Nantes (artist’s
pages with Rut Blees Luxemburg, in Future as Nostalgia, various
editors, Miser & Now, Keith Talent Gallery, London, 2004; republished
in Commonsensual, Rut Blees Luxemburg monograph, Black Dog, London,

Disquiet Tectonica / Tectonic Disquieta, collective exhibition, with
Kris Delacourt, Nico Dockx & Michelle Naismith, Richard Foncke
Galerie, Ghent;

Au Revoir Moodle Pozart, videowork / film and spinoffs / related work,
Michelle Naismith, Nantes


Nurseryworld, group exhibition, curated by James Thornhill, Galerie
Jennifer Flay, Paris

nurseryworld / swanmachinery, c.d single, with Kris Delacourt & Nico
Dockx, Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris

ISONERV, group exhibition, curated by Michæl Croft & Jonathan Hatt, London

le Chateau des Destins Croisees, curated by Dessislava Dimova &
Stephane Pauvret, Glassbox, Paris

Completement a l’Ouest, curated by Patrice Joly, Zoo Galerie, Nantes

‘Dessert-Island Slipped-Discovery’, in Completement a l’Ouest, edited
by Patrice Joly, Zero Deux / Association Zoo Galerie, Nantes

Afterword, ‘Trinativity’ (English / Welsh, translated by Sian
Edwards), in Ffolly, Rut Blees Luxemburg solo exhibition catalogue,
Ffotogallery, Cardiff / Glynn Vivian, Swansea

Recital, ‘Babushkoid Hibernatorium’, Philip Huyghe, Dubbel-Woonst,
exhibition launch, Richard Foncke Galerie, Ghent (‘Babushkoid
Hibernatorium’, Philip Huyghe pages,, reference
directory, Online, Ghent)

‘Zonder Titel / Televator’ etc, with Kris Delacourt, Nico Dockx &
Michelle Naismith, in de Collectie Interventies program, curated by
Bart De Bære & Dieter Rœlstræte, MuHKA, Antwerp (‘Audit MuHKA’,
published in 2nd Year, almanac, various editors, Komplot, Brussels /
Motto, Berlin 2012)


Sides B.) ‘Karatæoke’ & C.) ‘Obombrer’, The Bastard Remixes, 4-side
double vinyl L.P compilation album, produced by Nico Dockx & Samon
Takahashi, Conspiracy Records, Antwerp

‘Contr’acte Apreslude’ (English / French, translated by Yves Cotinat),
Michelle Naismith pages, La Valise, various editors, Nantes

Rob Vœrman, ‘Bad Habits’, ¢ell Projects, London

‘Quarry’, Sebastien & Thierry Paulico pages,  in Pollinisation
Deuxieme Acte, group exhibition catalogue, Prieure Saint-Nicolas, les
Sables d’Olonne

The Pattern of the Plans & The Lack of Plan Plan (4-Dimensional Syntax
in Porcelain & Steel), “experiment initiated” by Hilary Koob-Sassen &
Rut Blees Luxemburg, T1+2 Artspace, London

Vollevox 9, with Building Transmissions, Karl Holmquist, Maurizio
Nannucci & Anri Sala, organised by Sonia Dermience, Dexia Art Center,
Gebouw Vanderborght, Brussels (‘Undercover Vacation / Top-Secret
Showcase’, in VOLLEVOX: La Voix dans L’Art Contemporain / The Voice in
Contemporary Art, double-disc c.d compilation and book, produced by
Veronique Depiesse, Sonia Dermience & Estelle Lecaille, Komplot,
Brussels, 2005)

Douglasisms, Decima Projects, The Gallery Upstairs, London (image by
Piers Wardle aka “Lewis Draper”)

‘Human Shield’, on ‘Hospital / Radio’, Richard Crow track and pages,
SOUNDWORKS: For Those Who Have Ears, c.d compilation album and book,
produced by Julie Forrester, Niamh Lawlor, Danny McCarthy & Harry
Moore, Art Trail, Cork

‘Micro-Colonial-Drift / Growth-Area (via the Scenic-Route)’, on New
Opportunities for Focused Listening, audio-cassette compilation album,
curated, edited & produced by Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle, Lieu
Unique, Nantes

‘Advance scripted progress-report findings (in edgeways) grand-total
score results (pending awaited outcome)’, (“Writing the part of:
Detective Inspector Harris”), in Victim, collective bookwork, edited
by Claire Hooper, Zazie Press, London

‘La Cazadora & Her Brood’, (“An extract of the forthcoming
mystery-play”…), in Le Teazer, edited by Dr Clementine Deliss & Thomas
Boutoux, Metronome, Paris

 ‘Defamiliarisation’, in ghosttransmissions, Building Transmissions
project, group bookwork, co-curated / edited by David Bussel & Nico
Dockx, Art Connection, Bangkok / Cubitt, London

‘Tamederness’, curated by Derek Horton & Pete Lewis,
Redux Projects, London / Leeds Metropolitan University

MuHKA (Bart de Bære) fwd Nico Dockx fwd LM Projects, Lineart Art Fair,
Flanders Expo, Ghent

Introduction, Kurt Ryslavy The London-Galleries-Therapy exhibition
launch, Bureau du Port, Brussels

Preface, ‘Woodland, Mountain, Desert, Arctic & Marine Geology,
Organic, Climate & Weather Merchandise, Services & Personnel’ (also 15
photographic credits), in True Marchand du Vin / The
London-Galleries-Therapy, Kurt Ryslavy exhibition prospectus /
brochure, Bureau du Port / De Wijn / Le Vin, Brussels


Preface, ‘Natural-Born Forensic Clues / Buried-Treasure Growing Wild’
(English / Flemish, translated by Gregory Ball & Dirk Verbist), in
Sincerely, A Friend, Peter Buggenhout monograph, for De Res Derelictæ
(Dingen Zonder Eigenaar — Objects Owned by Nobody), Peter Buggenhout,
retrospective, curated by Kœn Leemans, de Garage / CultuurCentrum,

Untitled entries, in FUTURE ACADEMY (Oregon) Shared, Mobile,
Improvised, Underground, Hidden, Floating, group publication, edited
by Dr Clementine Deliss & Oscar Tuazon, Metronome, Portland

A.I.R (Artists in Residency), Antwerp

Metropolis Rise: New Art from London, group exhibition, curated by
Anthony Gross & Jen Wu (temporarycontemporary), CQL Design Center,
Shanghai, touring to Dashanzi 798 Art District, Beijing

‘Cataractivation’, statements, ‘Policy’ and ‘Apology’ (also some
promotional material reproduced), in Metropolis Rise: New Art from
London, exhibition catalogue, edited by Anthony Gross & Jen Wu,
temporarycontemporary / Arts Council England / Article Press, London

Bruegel Revisited, (part of Bruegel 06), group exhibition, curated by
Prof. Dr Hilde Van Gelder & others, organised by Lieven Gevært
Research Centre for Photography and Visual Studies (KuLeuven), Kasteel
van Bouchout / Nationale Plantentuin van Belgie, Meise, near Brussels

‘Deluxe Penal Festive Ordeal’, in Bruegel Revisited, exhibition
catalogue, edited by Prof. Dr Hilde Van Gelder & others, Stichting
Kunstbœk bvba, Oostkamp

Meteorlabyrinthesis (pt.1), with Nico Dockx & Building Transmissions,
DAAD Galerie, Berlin

Untitled preface, in TRANSLATED CATALOGUE, Carla Zaccagnini, Palavra
Impressa, Sao Paolo / Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami


‘Hollow Open Fort / Solid Cave Tunnel’,
curated by Dr Salome Vœgelin, Creative Research in Sound Artistic
Practice / London College of Communication, London

THE WAYWARD CANON prezentujq CHROMA KEY, screening / event, organised
by Mark Ærial Waller, Plan B, Warsaw

‘The Flipside of Darkness’, film, Mark Aerial Waller, Aerial Films, Warsaw

Untitled “Textual Intervention” (English / German, translated by
Clemens Krummel), on Nico Dockx pages, in Ars Viva 07/08 — Sound,
group exhibition catalogue, edited by Christina Werner, Kulturkreis
der Deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V, Berlin / Revolver Archiv fur
Aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt

Trilogy, ‘False-Start Launch-Pad’, ‘Incidental Side-Show & Decoy
(Compulsory Optional-Extra)’ & ‘Semi-Final Soft-Landing Terminus’, in
Hollow, Vadim Vosters solo exhibition catalogue, Contemporary Art
Center, Osaka

Dionysian Duty, group exhibition, co-curated with Raul Pina Perez,
Mezkalito Gallery, London

Public intervention, with Cel Crabeels & Rik Desayer, Paolo Post
Futurum, group exhibition launch, Stadt Museum, Breda

‘Locked-up metric tide (stuck on hold) / Free land wave outflow set
loose’, with photographic images by Nico Dockx and design etc by
Jean-Michel Meyers, Lokaal 01, Antwerp & Breda / Stadt Museum, Breda

Recital, Le Chat Noir, cabaret chosen and presented by Anne Pigalle,
Le Café Royale, London

‘Misagreement’ (English / Flemish, translated by Dany Abeel & Super
Pepe), in Gagarin volume 8 number 1 (number 15), edited by Wilfried
Huet, Antwerp

“Special Guest”, Alles was Minimal ist?, Kurt Ryslavy exhibition
launch, Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art, Brussels

Introduction, Playground Theatre (linkerarm, rechteroor), Sara Pessoa
solo exhibition, Galerie de Zwarte Panter, Antwerp


Badge, ‘INLAND  OCEAN   acorn  i s l a n d’, in The Badge Project,
group edition, edited by Nico Dockx, (for We Did Everything Wrong,
group exhibition, curated by Carl Michæl von Hausswolff & Jan Aman,
Teleport Fargfabriken, Ostersund)

‘Dream-Key Zodiac / Pandora’s Ark’, (English / Polish, translated by
M. Jader), in The Flipside of Darkness, Mark Ærial Waller, CCA
Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

Untitled, in The Mix, edited by Christian Egger, Manuel Gorkiewicz,
Christian Mayer, Yves Mettler, Magda Tothova, Ruth Weismann &
Alexander Wolff,  Zeitschrift, Vienna

Untitled commentary, recited by Anna Clover, commentary, Grandeur
Mass, Ilona Sagar videowork, London

>From Love, with Brussels, curated by Komplot, van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

‘Meteorlabyrinthesis’, in Die Neue Sudtiroler Tageszeitung, local
newspaper (number: 143 / 16, Thursday 17th July, 2008), various
editors, Bolzano (for The Rest of Now, curated by RAQS Media
Collective, Manifesta 7, various locations, Bolzano)

Honorons Honore, curated by Damien De Lepeleire, De Garage /
Cultuurcentrum, Mechelen

‘Grand Unveiling / Public Execution’, in Honorons Honore, exhibition
catalogue, edited by Damien De Lepeleire, De Garage / Cultuurcentrum,
Mechelen website launch, E:vent, London


“Concept, text & performance” & co-curator (with other input from
Matthew Burbidge, Jean-Philippe Convert, David Evrard & David
Garchey), By Accident, historical survey, presented by Komplot, Le
Commissariat, Paris; ‘Note from the Author’, ‘Foreword’ & ‘Artists &
their Work’ (English / French, translated by Jean-Philippe Convert,
Sonia Dermience & Constance Barrere Dangleterre), By Accident,
historical survey exhibition catalogue, Komplot, Brussels / Le
Commissariat, Paris

Kurt Ryslavy, 2009 wine list

‘Pied-a-Terre Lumiere’ & ‘Shifted Blockage Flowing Load’, in
Commonsensual, Rut Blees Luxemburg monograph, Black Dog, London

Essay, ‘Recreational Servitude / Heavy-Duty Leisure’, on Daniel Dewar
& Gregory Gicquel pages, in Textes / Texts, anthology, Editions
Lœvenbruck, Paris

Columbo Eats Columbo, film, Anthony Gross, London

Marcel, film, various directors, Komplot, Brussels

“Text-based interventions”, A Demised Premise, live event, curated by
Richard Crow & Lucia Farinati, Institution of Rot, London

Essay, ‘Predatory Benevolence + Protective Imprisonment = Clam Nest
Trap Shield Coffin Sanctuary’, for Alison Gill, Brink, solo
exhibition, Sabine Wachters Fine Art, Brussels


Kane’s Revolution, film, Anthony Gross

East-End Promise: 1985 / 2000 A Story of Cultural Migrants, historical
survey group exhibition and publication, curated by Ernesto Leal &
Paul Sakoilsky, Our History, at Red Gallery & LondonNewcastle Project
Space, London, touring elsewhere

 14 untitled “definitions” of selected contributor’s work, in
Unfeasibility Study, group exhibition report, Artistspace, London

2011: prose-blurb & artwork, ‘Mudbath Rainbow / Spectrum Debris’,
liner notes, Something Dirty, music album, Faust, Bureau-B Records,

The Dandyism of Contempt, live event, curated by Vanessa Mitter &
Joshua Y'Barbo, Showroom Series, Camden Unlimited, London

‘Liquid Map’, in Lies, edited by Emma Dwan O’Reilly & Keith Winter,
Allotrope / University of Ulster

Superhybrid! (Concerto Bastardo), club night, curated by Peter Lewis &
M.A Art & Design Leeds Metropolitan University, Highlight Leeds Comedy
Club / The Cube, Leed

Museum of Display, group exhibition, various curators, Extra City, Antwerp

Secret Liaison Hideaway Airspace (amœba joinery simple growth), with
Nico Dockx, Extra City, Antwerp

Derange in London, photograph sequence, Monika K. Adler

Immersion Test — Black Hole Scenario / after 'Jardin d' Hiver 1974 by
Marcel Broodthærs, videowork, Anthony Gross

‘Delphic-Oracle Self-Service Chat-Line Call-Centre’, in Lists, edited
by Emma Dwan O’Reilly & Keith Winter, Allotrope / University of Ulster

Aoife Van Linden Tol & Christine Mistrentse, Emblem – Deconstructed
And Destroyed: A Homage To John Latham, duo-exhibition, Trinity,

‘Memorised amnesia, lost & forgotten off-by-heart, towards hard-copy &
solid-product immortalisation’, in Year, almanac, edited by David
Evrard, Komplot, Brussels / Motto, Berlin

Add to My Library (bibliographic data-flow), Christina Mitrentse,
Hempel Art Space, London


“Compere Concrete”, at Mad Energy, club night, presented by Suck yr
Thumb Cult & Winnie The Poof, Red, London

‘Cryptoglyphic Runestream’, in EdZine, edited by Mark Amos and Ben
Robinson, Edwin Europe Store, London

L'éclipse de l'âme, videowork, Jan Mast, Ghent and Waregem

Les Ateliers des Arques, residency, directed by Daniel Dewar, Les Arques

Les Institute Les Arques, film, Michelle Naismith, Les Arques

Kim Kim Gallery, Art:Gwangju art fair, Gwangju

Recital, The Poltroon, literary salon, presented by Orlando Harrison,
Betsey Trotwood, London

My Bataille, group exhibition, curated by Keef Winter, Bruno Glint, London


Essay, ‘Beyond Crime-Scenery…’, in I Can Be Yours, Keef Winter
monograph, Allotrope, London

‘Exfluence’ and ‘Predatory Benevolence + Protective Imprisonment =
Clam Nest Trap Shield Coffin Sanctuary’, in AIR Traces, anthology,
edited by Alan Quireyns and others, A.I.R, Antwerp

A Rotten Corpus — The Institution of Rot (1993 — 2013), live event,
with Richard Crow & others, Goldsmith’s College, London

Various contributions, Year, almanac, various editors, Komplot,
Brussels / Motto, Berlin

‘Crime-Scene Interior-Décor Vista & Forensic-Evidence Merchandise
Reliquaries’ and “Conversation” with Daniel Dewar (English / French,
translated by Eloise Roch), in The Magic Porridge Pot, group
publication, edited by Daniel Dewar & Hendrik Hegray, Les Ateliers des
Arques, Les Arques

SHAME! (Hide & Show)!, group exhibition, curated by Error One,
Pianofabriek, Brussels

Douglasism, festival, organized by Kim Kim Gallery, various events,
collaborators, projects, exhibitions and publications, various venues,

Mr. Park D, film, Cel Crabeels, Jeju Island

Photographic project, Oksun Kim, Jeju Island

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