Monday, July 14, 2014

Poetry + Healing / Medicine

Poetry + Healing / Medicine 
Poetry as a salve. Words can be the tools that help us to heal, to feel our way through. 
Our lives are constantly being broken down and rebuilt. We find hardship and we learn, through healing, the lesson. 

We will explore the healing journey through poems, prose and music.

Rachel Kelly will be talking about her journey with poetry and healing.

Poets ✍

⌛Richard Dyer
⌛Douglas Park + Richard Crow
⌛Kelly Grovier
⌛Melissa lee houghton
⌛Wake Up London

Didgeridoo player and well-known London Underground busker Giuseppe Nieddu will be finishing the evening.

Alpal will be providing the musical balms and remedies to soothe and groove.

Organised by Izabella Scott, Henry Gibbs and Ben Clarke ☄

July 15th 2013
The Macbeth, London

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