Saturday, February 21, 2015

'Dream-Solution Questionnaire', 'A Pœm A Day', anthology / calendar

edited by Bruno Devos, Nico Dockx & Clara Meister, Curious / Stockmans Kalenders bvba, Antwerpen, Mu.ZEE Ostend, 2014 Design ©, Copyright, Jean-Michel Meyers
Dream-Solution Questionnaire
Attempt to establish, 1st, (acknowledging mutual similarities with this reality — partly due to 2-way influence between the factors involved): if any geographical space and time-zone occupied by states of dream, fantasy, hallucination, idea, imagination, memory, nightmare, prophecy, reminiscence, reverie, thought, vision and whim etc is approximately estimatable — or positively located; then, is actual access, entrance and occupation possible; which material substances and energy forces do they consist of; what production-means are behind them; can measurements be made, recording size, weight and volume, with readings taken of scientific properties; does their existence extend beyond manifestation within conscious experiences, e.g. maybe already being up and running or ongoing before accepted beginning (such as through falling asleep) even starts, perhaps, continuing after apparent exit (for instance, upon waking up) finishes off, potentially, having constant, non-stop endlessness; would separate events happen, during the same occasion, but oblivious to perception, away from reach, without physically appearing, obviously or not, instead, occurring somewhere else apart; are some or all such places, leading or connected to others; will people, known or strangers to each other, be able to go to meet and interact over there, whether on a deliberate or involuntary basis; finally, could discoveries like these ever get found out, harnessed and put into practice, including, how to modify extant — and create new ones?…. 
©, Copyright, Douglas Park

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