Friday, October 9, 2015

Douglasism Book Launch: seen by Martin Sexton & others

Strange preternatural events from Douglas Park and his book/cd exhibition 'Douglasism' this eve - first I see Rut Blees Luxemburg looking beautiful and exactly the same as she did 17 years ago when this photo was taken at the Foundry - as Douglas says of their relationship: 'a match made at swan vesta' then almost simultaneously a community refuse bin catches fire in the large estate as Douglas and I exit..Rut is nowhere to be seen - but not before I gaze both with fondness and longing at the book pages recording the event: 'The Gallery Has Been Completely Vandalised' from Douglas's particular performance, making the evening at the Alfred Camp Gallery in 2000, but then I see Bob AndRoberta Smith pulling the shutters down as if for a lock-in and I am excitedly thinking of re-run..but I am rewarded by the bin fire at least..then finally Douglas reads on the street only for Paul Sakoilsky to have both his drinks inexplicably auto-destruct in front of us..'must be psychic forces' he mutters..special evening with that old Douglas Park magic.

Oct. 2015
photos via facebook by Martin Sexton, Paul Sakolisky, Calum F. Kerr & Keef Winter

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