Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Columbo Eats Columbo

Columbo Eats Colombo’, Featuring Douglas Park as Columbo, Digital Video, 28 mins, ©, Copyright, Anthony Gross, 2009

The famed TV detective inhabits a space of live action and computer animation investigating the end of the analogue and the dawn of the computing age.

Dir: Anthony Gross. Sound & additional scenes: Anthony Gross. Camera: Fritz Stolberg. With Douglas Park as Lt. Columbo. Forensics & Waiter: Simon White. Voices: 'Alex' and 'Vicki' text-to-speech software. Cube: Erno Rubik. Art: Hokusai, Vasarely. Art at the crime scene: Brian Griffiths, David Lock, Markus Vater, Le Suisse Marocain, Anthony Gross. Car: The Kollectiv. The Bassett Hound of Arjan van Helmond.

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