Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kane's Revolutions

©, Copyright, Tony Gross, 2010

A turf war between politicians, planners, gangsters and replicants has erupted in a South London of the near future. The film constructs a visual narrative from London urbanism, interlaced with found Chinese comics, 3D animation, web browsing and shared filmic conventions, carefully weaving between each to create a fast-paced new 'episode of Columbo': "an experimental collage of live action, 3D computer animation and personal film fantasy that takes the viewer on a twisted ride through our collective cultural history.

Soundtrack: Anthony Gross. Inc extracts from Zon On N and mystery theme jingle by Jen Wu. Cast: Paul Courtenay Hyu (Chinese Elvis from Old Kent Road), Douglas Park, Thomas O'Malley, Kate Forbes, Simon White, Kit Mlynar, and Colin Saggers, Sam Kemp, and Jerry Francis from Deptford Market.
Additional Styling: Kate Forbes with costumes from The Horse Hospital. Filmed on Location at: Elephant and Castle Roundabout, Strata Tower & Silver Cube (Monument to Dr Faraday), The Heygate Estate, Deptford Beach, The Old Deptford Police Station, Rotherhithe river front, Camberwell Trading Estate, Camberwell Snooker Hall, Beaconsfield Gallery and arches. Commissioned by: Beaconsfield

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