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Allotrope Press Issue 02 'Lists'

Lists, edited by Emma Dwan O’Reilly & Keith Winter, 
Allotrope / University of Ulster, 2011

Issue 02 launch coincides with our participation in ”Convergence”, a group show curated by Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes opening at the Golden Thread Gallery on 16 June, 6-8pm and running till 05 August 2011.
‘This exhibition will show how reading and interpreting literature is – in diverse ways – at the core of some of the most renowned contemporary artists’ practices: Allotrope, antepress, Julie Bacon, Ecke Bonk, Pavel Büchler, Davide Cascio, Tacita Dean, Cerith Wyn Evans, Maria Fusco, Kenneth Goldsmith, Rodney Graham, Joanna Karolini, Sean Lynch, Simon Morris, Brian O’Doherty, Michalis Pichler,Tim Rollins, Andrea Theis, Nick Thurston and Eric Zboya.’

Issue 02

' L I S T S '

Edited by Emma Dwan O'Reilly & Keef Winter
Edition of 300

Ali Al Saeed
Ella Barclay
Samuel Beckett
Ciaran Bonner & Katriona Sweeney
Helena Doyle
Emma Dwan O'Reilly
John Gayer
Michael Hanna
Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes
Robert Huber
Jennifer Jarman
Andrew Johnston
Laura Keogh
Joanne Laws
Trevor McCann
Craig McLeod
Steve Mykietyn
Kirsty O'Keeffe
Douglas Park
Georges Perec
Harriet Pittard
Sarah Mixtapes
Alice Georgina Thickett
C.V. Weimer
Keef Winter


 contribution “xix” (middle left-hand side)

Delphic-Oracle Self-Service Help-Desk Chat-Line Call-Centre

Cross-eyed squinting earth-moving equipment misses intended moving-targets on passing assembly-line. Instead, die-cutting straight from out of the very conveyor-belt. Then, lathe-turning, fitting, slotting and steering confetti motif toys into shape and place. Outcome, becoming automated building-block patchwork marquetry.

Every single erasure, correction, experiment, improvement, addition and change, inflicted and occurring, during preparatory development and production era comes out, shown up, with a vengeance, in final end-result.

Incognito and camouflaged misregistration, double-exposure, superimposing and overlap cause indistinct ambiguous uncertainty.

Especially amongst their own number, even more than when with others, everybody, everything and everywhere gets far too easily mixed-up, confused and mistaken; so that from any one to the next, there’s no difference between any one of them, or any way to distinguish any one from another.

Pure and raw tricks-of-the-light and sleight-of-hand enjoy playtime and fooling around with jigsaw puzzle maps.

However, extreme caution is observed, exercised and enforced, because it only takes one false move, some removal away or extra contribution too many — and they all fall apart and collapse down.

Flea-circus of monopoly-game lucky-charm trinkets tiptœ, leapfrog and hopscotch, seek out, land upon and press whatever touch-sensitive push-button flick-switch steppingstones lie buried, hidden and lost. That’s somewhere more or less underneath cobbled streets paving riverbed and deep-sea forest-floor. Once controls found, struck and activated, mass detonation set off.

Mobile weathervane and windmill carousels of road-signs set and pose problems, make enquiries, ask vague questions and offer cryptic-clues. Arrows, indirectly point to ultimate whereabouts and decoding of encrypted solutions and answers. Morse-code and semaphore shadowgraphy spell out deaf-and-dumb hand-signal secret-message Braille small-print notation-scores. Partial advice and assistance dispensed towards data-entry coupon-filling.

©, Copyright, Douglas Park 

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