Wednesday, March 13, 2013

La Societe des Amis de Judex

As "ecran vivante" (reciting 'Dream-Key Zodiac / Pandora's Ark') in 'La Societe des Amis de Judex 2', expanded cinema multi-media live event, Mark Ærial Waller & The Wayward Canon, Tate Modern, London, later toured to FACT, Liverpool and Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, etc, 2007 onwards 

Recital / performance, ‘La Societe des Amis de Judex 2’, expanded cinema multi-media event, Mark Ærial Waller & The Wayward Canon, Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, 2008 (previously performed at Tate Modern London and FACT Liverpool in 2007) 

Just before From Love, with Brussels, I was already in Belgium anyway, to work with filmmaker, Mark Ærial Waller. As well as us both contributing to and appearing in the same projects, shows, events and publications, I've acted in various films by Mark Ærial Waller ('Glow Boys', London, 1998; 'Nuclear Contract Worker Interview', London, 1999; 'White Stag', London, 2001; ‘Superpower / London Chapter’, London, 2004; 'The Flipside of Darkness', Warsaw, 2007). Images of me from his films and events infest Mark Ærial Waller's book, The Flipside of Darkness, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, where theres also my ‘Dream-Key Zodiac / Pandora’s Ark’, (English / Polish, translated by M. Jader –so also, ‘Sen-Klucz Zodiaka / Arka Pandory’), 2008. Objectif Exhibitions in Antwerp, presented Mark’s La Societe des Amis de Judex 2, an expanded-cinema multimedia spectacle (from Mark Ærial Waller's "Wayward Canon" event series).

We'd performed versions of La Societe des Amis de Judex 2 at London's Tate Modern and FACT in Liverpool. Vintage films of "Fantomas" (the surrealist's anti-hero villain) interview footage with 1 of the co-author creators of "Fantomas"; early technicolour “Batman” and “Joker” extracts; film by Mark Ærial Waller of a Turkish live-art troupe singing texts about "Fantomas"; recordings of Turkish street-musicians and public background-noise; dry-ice smoke; myself as "ecran-vivante" wearing white fencing-costume and ski-mask (or rather, 1 of Gideon Cube-Sherman's "Anti-Paint Protective Headgear", from his "Cube-White Seminal Formulæ" paint and "Test-Area", in my and Alfred Camp’s 4-person group show, The Gallery Has Been Completely Vandalised!, Alfred Camp Gallery / 97 - 99 Projects, London, 2000), whilst reciting my 'Dream-Key Zodiac / Pandora's Ark' text; Mark Ærial Waller in a fake-ancient helmet reciting Guillaume Apollinaire verses etc.

It was strange to briefly show Mark Ærial Waller around at least some of Antwerpen, which I know well, because he'd never been before. While there, we met the mysterious French itinerant artist, NG, at A.I.R Antwerpen (a residency I was on in 2006 -and a place I often stayed in beforehand and after my time there) who was to be also be in From Love, with Brussels -as a past-the-umpteenth-hour watershed and addition.

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