Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Organic, Geological & Meteorology Engineering, Manufacture & Regime

Down below underneath out-of-reach limits, forgotten tree foundations and building roots lie, asleep, dormant, waiting; buried-treasure illicit-contraband advance-paym
ent deposit and investment made towards future multi-storey skyscraper mountain-ranges and high-rise tower-block icebergs; marvels and wonders that are yet, maybe or even never to happen.

Meanwhile, prefab-synthetic carousel-roundabout fossil-planet begins to spin. Orbit exceeding previously known or hitherto possible speed-record — as well as permitted and acceptable laws thereof. Whether miraculous feat or harmful wrongdoing categories apply, certainly ensuing supply-deficit, fuel-shortage, energy-loss and power-cut all too soon enough end in delayed slowness. Then, abrupt halt and full-stop. Standstill alright, but by no means whatsÅ“ver any idyllic, peaceful, enjoyable and beneficial rest, calm and bliss.

Sudden drastic change awakens and resurrects far cast deep planted long anchors — which involuntarily overreact.

Detonation forcibly restarts stuck landmasses. Stagnant water stirs until flowing once more. Gale-force wind, rain, snow and hail storm and blizzard conditions erupt and blast forth. Solar and infernal illumination and heat join in on the fun-&-games, flash and scorch, fierce and harsh. However, all travel in complete-&-utter reverse opposite other-way-around to any earlier directions followed and taken beforehand.

Each single nearby convenient nextdoor local neighbourhood gives birth. Delivering newborn breakaway continents. Subsequent mass-produced breeding, multiplication and spread infests wherever struck.

All over places everywhere, loose cog and gear wheels blossom outwardly, whilst runaway grinder-lathes head-on collide, crash-land and shipwreck against themselves, each other and much more else besides they come into contact with during the course of their duties. On impact, all parties involved exchange and inflict mutual transformation and metamorphosis.

Every molten flesh-&-blood confectionary toy, overgrown live monster jewel and mutant butterfly flower-garden soon graduates in rank. Fast-track promotion terminates upon achieving being awarded full-blown astral-constellation status. Reinforcement and supercharging survives, progressing from 1 extreme strength, then onto another.

No longer terra-firma anymore. Instead, cannibalistic and predatory cosmos ever after. Yet somehow or other, also self-renewing, regenerative and evolutionary. Beyond this stage, never a dull moment again. Only infinite burning eternities, triumphant and victorious, supreme reign, omnipotent, invincible.

©, Copyright, Douglas Park

In My Bataille, Group Exhibition, BRUNO GLINT, London, 2012
photo via Facebook.
©, Copyright, BRUNO GLINT, London, 2012 

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