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The Most Beautiful Painting in the World

Recital, 'Back 2 Hackney', group exhibition, 
curated by Raul Pina Perez, A.M.P, London, 2007
©, Copyright, Paul Sakoilsky, 2007

Publisher’s blurb: “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PAINTING IN THE WORLD is set in the area of Spain called Catalonia. It takes place on the Mediterranean in Tarragona, in San Celoni and Campins, in Parque Guell, Barcelona, in Gerona and Hostalrich. It takes place at the home of one of the world’s best known artists, Antoni Tapies, and it all happens to his son, Miguel”. 

Readymade genuine children’s or educational book. Not an artist’s book or other parody, produced and appearing as such ('Marcel Duchamp: A Life in Pictures' and 'The Life of Braco Dimitrijevic' etc). Obtained by chance during the late 1980’s. A photo-story, enacting a (to some extent true and restaged?) episode from the domestic and family life of the postwar Spanish (or Catalan) “Dau-al-set” / “arte-matiere” / “informele” / “taschiste” etc painter (and sometime sculptor and printmaker as well), Antoni Tapies (1923). It charts the progress of his son (Miguel), making one thwarted attempt after another in his quest to find the perfect subject-matter for an ideal “Easter-Picture”, resulting instead on a series of episodes. The “happy-ending” is Tapies senior incorporating references to his son Miguel’s experience into a painting he had already begun work on. * As often with such material, its unclear and difficult to ascertain what useful or otherwise information, good or bad moral codes and social conditioning is deliberately contained inside, for stealth influence or enforcement, towards programming. Much more recently, this book has sometimes been used for live performances instead of reciting original work. Most notably: as part of 'Zonder Titel / Televator' etc, various activities, with Kris Delacourt, Nico Dockx, Michelle Naismith and guest, for 'de Collectie Interventies' program, curated by Bart De Bære and Dieter Rœlstræte, MuHKA, Antwerp, 2003-’04; 'Back 2 Hackney', group exhibition, curated by Raul Pina Perez, A.M.P, London, 2007 (which Paul Sakoilsky's photographs document); The 'Guy Hilton Gallery presents Live on Stage Season', organised by Mark McGowan, Stella Scott and Guy Hilton, the Sun & Doves, London, 2008Another (somehow or other) worthy found book (as yet still unused) is 'Looking Back', by Percy Johnson, “My Psychic Experiences In Company with the late Ernest Meads”, Hillside Press, London (early / between the wars 20th century?). 1.) Ralph Herrmanns is a Swedish journalist, author (of both factual works, biography, novels and art books), as well as sometime children’s book writer and photographer, also involved and active in different ventures, like philanthropy and the arts. Other such works by Ralph Herrmanns, include the story of a little girl in Mao Tse Tung’s China given the honor, responsibility and privilege of flying an ancient kite — and even another 1 about a real-life bank-robbery! 2.) The ensuing Antoni Tapies work may still exist and be traceable. Its from the late 1960’s or early 70’s (the date “Dijous 23 Marc 1967” appears on a calendar reproduced). Tapies’ customary oil paint and powdered marble mix, resembling the trademark slum wall / desert terrain and some more bright flashes — but with 2 children’s footwear prints. Tapies rarely (or ever) christened his works beyond arbitrary descriptions at most. 
©, Copyright, Douglas Park

The Most Beautiful Painting in the World
Ralph Herrmanns, Wheaton, Oxford, 1971

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